Larch chewing galipot 'Altai'

Siberian larch chewing galipot. Since old times larch galipot has been considered to possess healing properties. So this part of a tree was used as chewing gum to cleanse mouth, to refresh breath and to strengthen teeth.

This unique natural product contains neither sugar, nor preservatives – so it is recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus. Larch galipot helps to restore the composition of tooth enamel, strengthen the gums and roots of the teeth. Such 'chewing gum' protects your teeth from bacteria that cause the progress of periodontal disease and caries. In case of gum disease and acute toothache, larch galipot in the form of a plate is applied to the diseased tooth or gum. Pain will be gone in 3-5 minutes. Larch chewing galipot is indicated for gastritis, duodenitis and other diseases of the digestive tract.
Important! It is proved that larch galipot protects the human body from the negative effects of smog, exhaust gases, vapors of paints and varnishes, gasoline and tobacco smoke up to 4 hours. For that purpose you need to chew the galipot during 15 minutes. Nowadays, there is no analogue of individual protection from those negative factors in the traditional medicine!

Объем: 100 мл

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